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digital image size and art prints results – specific to piece

Day Scene - digital painting and art prints - 2006 - Dan Beck

Day Scenedigital painting and art prints – 2006 – Dan Beck

Yesterday’s article discussed tackling of similar problems in new ways and the general creation of this piece above.

Today, I hope to talk about it from a different angle. But like the previous article, I will be looking to take on a topic I have touched on before.

The art prints from this digital painting are special in several ways:

  1. they fill the 13×19" sheet of watercolor paper – leaving a very tiny margin of white
  2. they look complete at the 13×19" size, but also look enhanced when printed larger
  3. they are printed with archival pigment inks and will last for generations
  4. each print is an original – as it is not practical to frame the digital image
  5. each print has color, depth, and texture which surpasses the digital image.

If you have interest in this piece or any others on the blogsite, please email and indicate the artwork of interest.  Thanks.

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