Color of Digital Painting / Color of Art Prints

printed piece improves upon monitor image – despite being original canvas

Field Flat - digital painting / art prints - Dan Beck 2006

Field Flatdigital painting / art prints – Dan Beck 2006

I really like the colors in this piece. I like them on the monitor and even more printed with archival ink on watercolor paper.  But as I have said, that is the nature of this medium.

The work has the light quality viewed on a monitor and is actually closer to viewing the original canvas than any other medium, but it doesn’t really look finished until printed.

It may well be our bias for paper or canvas – but I think that one just needs that solidity to really pull it together.

Despite that I am happy to share my work over the internet.  Like everybody’s art, it generally can’t do it justice – but it is still wonderful to be able to see so much.

If you are interested in owning a printed version, please email:

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