Best Reason to Buy Art

Enjoyment and Wanting to Live With Speaks

Big Valley1 - to gallery page and art print options

Big Valley 1 – Digital Painting 2005 – Gallery Page

The best reason to buy a piece of art is because you really enjoy looking at it. It makes you feel good when you are around it. It makes you wander inside it. It says something to you that you don’t hear elsewhere. It makes you see in a way you had not before.

Anything along the above lines is an excellent reason to buy art. And to me it is the reason to buy art.

Other considerations usually involve value or others’ approval. Though the advantage of something original over a reproduction might also be one of integrity – wanting more of what the artist intended.

A lot of my enthusiasm for the art prints being offered at Outhouse Studios is that they are indeed original works of art – being the only way they can be viewed other than a computer monitor (not practical).

They are also printed with accurate color and the intent of the artist. They are printed with the best pigment inks and should last for generations – but that unto itself is not a compelling reason to buy.

Be it here or there, find art with which you want to live.

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