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Most of the recent work I have been doing has slightly different dimensions. Last fall, with the desire to get more of a scene portrayed on the paper, I created a template which filled the 13×19" Japanese Watercolor paper which I print on at the house studios. My previous templates were designed to enlarge to more standard proportions – 16×20, 22×28, 24×30, 28×36, and 32×40.

These new works are longer and thinner requiring 18×24, 20×28, and 24×36 inch frames. I had done a few which filled the 13×19" paper similarly, but this new size looks good both small and large and that has been a lot of the challenge for me.

The work above is part of this new size. The print I created at outhouse studios is wonderful – and I know it would look great large as well. I have experimented a lot with the proper pixel sizes – too large of a piece looks lousy small, and of course, too small a piece will never enlarge properly – flexibility for multiple sized work is a great bonus with this medium, but has also been a challenge.

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