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Tall Side Mountains - digital painting - art prints - 2006 - Dan Beck

Tall Side Mountains – digital painting – art prints – 2006

I completed this piece yesterday and already shared the work and wrote an article about the digital painting. But because I really like the way it came out, I thought I would write about another aspect.

The piece is obviously a portrait orientation. It is, however, a first in doing a digital image with these exact dimensions. I have done numerous pieces now with these dimensions reversed – a wide horizon of a piece.

I am sorry I cannot show you the actual print. There is something really luxurious about the colors and the way it fills the page – less about an eighth of an inch around.

In some ways, I look at this piece and see nothing going on, but I also look at this piece and am so strongly reminded of the lush green mountains of the Santa Lucias – this from a lingering impression from the gorge called Arroyo Seco.

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