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current experiment in large art prints made by combining sheets of watercolor paper

Bold Glimpse - Digital Painting 2006 - Dan Beck

Bold GlimpseDigital Painting/ Art Prints – Dan Beck 2006

I wrote an article about this piece which I don’t think I can improve upon – it was poetic and captured the evening in words enhancing the visual front and center.

Today I bring it up for different reasons. First it remains one of my personal favorites – in some way I feel like this is uniquely me – though undoubtedly there are other pieces which are even more so.

Secondly, I have not as of yet had a reason to have this printed large. It has just become an experiment of printing half a piece on my largest capable size watercolor sheet (13 x19″) – and piecing the two together.

From what I have been able to do so far, I think it might work – gluing will be the key. And I am too sick to glue (a cold). At the very least is will be stupid – but fun. But who knows it may prove to be an economical way of printing larger pieces at Outhouse Studios proper – particularly if they are designed to be done that way.

For availability of art prints for this or any other digital paintings found exclusively on the blogsite, please email: specialorders@outhousestudios.net.

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