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Monday, January 19th, 2009

Field of Dreams 1

Field of Dreams 1 – digital drama – harvesting money

the current sea of wisdom?

I am a lousy capitalist – I hate how important money is in our world.  I appreciate a lot of the finer things in life and appreciate how money can make a lot of those things possible – but money by itself has become too much the stuff of dreams.

Money is not an end in itself – or at least I don’t think it should be – but what do I know.  Is money the new idol?

I want to believe in what is lasting in life – money just circulates – you can’t hold on to it – like food it needs to be replaced – and how easily it is blown or blown away …

My understanding is that we are One People on One Planet …


I hope someday we can act like it – and lift each other up.

Corresponding Song

  • audio fileMoney Is Too Important – Dan Beck 2006- to quote the song “I’d like less worrying, though I am not at all bad off, I’d like less worrying, like everyone I’ve known”