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Saturday, June 28th, 2008

coloring our senses

Times Square 2 - digital art - Dan Beck 2008

Times Square 2digital art – Dan Beck 2008

I felt good about my first take on Times Square – but wanted to try to tackle the feeling again – a little more focus on the TV nature of the advertisements – still the bright color and overwhelming show – but hoping for the shape of the over the top media bombardment that is part of the fabric of life in the big city.

My life is normally situated in a more bucolic west coast Рrolling hills Рand farmland setting Рso this is a departure from what feeds my art generally.  But what an incredible scene Рthe East Coast in general has such a great mix of old and new Рquaint and over the top sensory bombardment Рit feels like there are artistic touches everywhere.

In the Salinas Valley I am fed by nature and quick scenes which grab my attention – in the East – I was bombarded by lights – by life – by urban frenzy – and this for someone who lived back east (love that expression) for a major portion of my life.

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Returning Sun

Friday, June 27th, 2008

same and new reaction

Salinas Valley 4 - digital painting - Dan Beck 2003

Salinas Valley 4digital painting – image for a audio filesong – “Reaction to the Sun”

I believe I wrote this song in the Spring of 2006 – we had weeks and weeks of overcast and winter rain – and the sun came out for a glorious few days – maybe even a week – and everyone seemed so much happier – whether inside or out –

I know I celebrated with an unplanned and impromptu sunburn – and heat rash – which I thought – a “reaction to the sun” and proceeded to write the song.

In truth, I think it is my own version of George Harrison’s / Beatles – “Here Comes the Sun” – because it is the same concept were it not for the new play on words and a completely different melody and chord structure – but this undoubtedlly is borrowed as well –

because we know there is nothing completely new under the sun.

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  • audio fileReaction to the Sun – recorded Spring 2007 – from¬† Red Eye Recordings – music, lyrics, performance, recording – Dan Beck | 1danband – Alone & Contageous
  • Here Comes the Sun – video of George Harrison performance of (just slightly more famous) song

Art Times Square ‘d

Monday, June 16th, 2008

Times Square Can You?

Times Square Canyon - digital art - Dan Beck 2008

Times Square Canyondigital art – Dan Beck 2008

Visiting the East Coast this week …

I had been asked a couple of years ago to do a digital painting of Times Square – I thought about it – even googled some images but knew I hadn’t been there in so many years I couldn’t do it justice.

In general I like to work from my own impression and feeling of a place and then use the language and vocabulary of the digital medium which is at my disposal.

In this case, it is using the mouse pad and finger painting in an abstract manner to capture the feeling and enormity of the show of technology ads and bright lights of the city at night. In particular – looking up Broadway in what feels like a canyon of buildings and lights – jagged, beautiful, and bustling with moving lights and people.

It is a couple of days (or a couple of years) later – but this is also sometimes my custom…

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Rearranging Rules

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

bog play

My dog symbolically pushing me around.

It has been too blogging long since I have last contributed anything to the blogosphere – the unwritten rule I hold is to write at least once a week – once it was more – and may well be again.

Not too long ago – I wrote I would only write when I had something to say – something new.

So today I say – rules are often meant to be broken – meant to be changed – meant to be pushed against – meant to be rewritten and revitalized – until they need adjusting again.

Complacency is not a good thing – as my dog keeps reminding me.

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  • audio fileRed Eye 2 – introduction to part 2 of the Red Eye Recordings – original music, lyrics, and all performance – Dan Beck @ Outhouse Studios
  • Unwritten Rules Fun – and the oxymoron of having them written down
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