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Money and More

Sunday, February 24th, 2008

priceless necessity

Finished digital painting Horizon 4-2006-Dan Beck

Horizon 4 Digital Painting 2006

Having posted the first two tracks of the “Red Eye Recordings” – a music project that is intended to be listened to in order (for the most part) because there is a story to be told; it is time to introduce the third track with some explanation.

The song – “Money is too important” is about the necessity and the change it brings about – the nature of seeking satisfaction from things or consumerism – How much is enough? – always more than one has – and my observations on how often having money changes people.

And of course, having said that – it is my need as well, to have money to live on and continue to produce my art and music.

I am offering these tracks free – and will continue to – but eventually plan on making it possible to contribute to the outhouse studio fund –

The songs are about my observations – about life – about capitalism – about equality – about sickness – about letting go –

It is both too personal and somehow improper to put a price on –

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  • audio fileMoney Is Too Important – Dan BeckĀ  2006- to quote the song “I’d like less worrying, though I am not at all bad off, I’d like less worrying, like everyone I’ve known”
  • Credit to Johnny Mandel and Mike Altman – for MASH melody and lyrical reference – nothing is created in a vacuum and I kept hearing their lyrics and melody in the music
  • Horizon 4 – current art print availability for above digital art and its original prints

Double Rooted Nature

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

seeing for the first time

Rooted Tree - digital art - finger painting - rendering from memory impression - Dan Beck 2008

Rooted Tree – digital art – finger painting – rendering from memory impression – Dan Beck 2008

There are trees like this at one of the places I frequent with my exercise craving dog – it took me a while to notice them.

But like with most things – once one finally sees something – one starts to see the same thing more frequently. Even though I am an artist and probably more observant than most, I am keenly aware of how much of life I miss, until I become finally aware.

Perception, attention, and understanding are all fascinating subjects – I paint from an impression – a memory – quite frequently – knowing that my understanding plays an even bigger role in what I project when painting.

The intention here is not fantasy, but fun and freedom to portray the essential double rooted nature of these trees on the hillside – blasting with my own color but attempting to convey

the beauty and oddness that strikes me and makes me smile when I see them.

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Locks & Bagels

Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

where is the hair?

digital artist - Dan Beck

Digital Artist & Musician – Dan Beck

digital photo – dan wearing digital painting self-portrait on t-shirt – the spirit of caricature

As of today – if there is one thing I would like to pass on – it would be the joy and flow of life

when we are not bogged down in our mire of obstacles, self-doubts, disappointment, envy, anger, jealousy, resentments, or simply self absorption


To develop as an artist or maybe just the person that I am – I have isolated myself from many people I both love and care about

I don’t think this was a conscious decision; but like most people, I don’t know how to do everything I want to do – let alone what I feel like I have to do

I didn’t think through the place I am at – I have lived my life and find myself here – going with the flow and not always living consciously


I submit a song – written and recorded last spring – in the context of being sick – alone and contagious – feeling my fragileness – writing about the love in my life – but really all the love in my life

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  • audio fileSo Much of Life We Do Unconscious – SONG – Dan Beck | 1danband – the lyrics pertinent to the above article – the melody or at least part sounds like a James Taylor song, but not one I can identify – please let me know, if you listen to music and recognize … and yet we always borrow unconsciously …
  • James Taylor – November release entitled One Man Band
  • 1danband – really I’ve been using the term for my recordings as early as 2002

Timing Innovative Music

Thursday, February 7th, 2008

slow release

Red Eye Recordings - cover art - Dan Beck 2007

Red Eye Recordingscover art – digital art (painting) – Dan Beck 2007

There is no right moment and yet I find myself waiting.

If we find ourselves sick – we wonder what we were waiting for –

We can understand life is a gift – that the amount of time is limited – but none of us – including me – embrace it until we really feel the fear of death – we see ourselves immortal

we put off until tomorrow – how can we not?

I don’t know why it is time today to release – the music from last Spring – but I believe it is.

Free to listen, free to download – free to donate – I doubt that I will be able to put all the pieces in place today – but I have to start somewhere – and to quote … well Hillel as it turns out “If not now, when?”

proving once again – that one of the most innovative things about music is that melody helps us remember content.

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