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Part Art / Part Print

Tuesday, January 29th, 2008

All Play

Play Print 1 with Dog - digital art painting - Dan Beck 2008

Play Print 1 with Dogdigital art painting – Dan Beck 2008

This is a very recent piece of digital art – playing around with a new template – hoping to introduce a new option for sharing art – more interested in the template size and corresponding original prints than the actual painting.

As a result, I have approached this work as the title suggests – from the point of play. Despite the play – and the landscape painted with abandon – it wreaked of a particular area I had been taking my dog, Bogart, to get some exercise.

Though he probably should have been scampering around the hillside – I ended up putting him in the corner pushing my brand or symbol around – kind of indicative of our relationship I guess – teaching him that I am in charge yet him pushing and resisting most of the way.

some sort of weird karma – reminds me of myself when I was adolescent… and sometimes still am

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Path Not Seen

Monday, January 21st, 2008

new format brings on different vision

2 Much 2 Control - digital art (painting) - Dan Beck 2008

digital art (painting) 2 Much 2 Control – Dan Beck 2008

I have started work on a new project – which has lead to a new sized template and as a result a more fluid and playful way of creating. Not totally sure where the idea came from – but that is the nature of ideas – if one lets the mind wander and don’t rule things out before you even think about them – you find something even better as you progress.

On the path, one is always trying to take things to the next level – always striving for a new twist. My desire for a new template was one thing – but the resulting play and at least the look of this piece is a bit different and a nice side benefit.

The tree concept is just about as old as I am – one of the first things I ever committed successfully to paper – I find myself painting often when I am playing – and taking walks to give my dog the running exercise he needs has made me notice some incredible trees.

The solidness of the foreground tree – is about how we focus our attention – but also something that worked most successfully in a recently shown piece. The title is both about attitude towards world these days and the nature of trying to paint on an old computer with a template that is a bit too big for its memory. I used two different computers to create this piece because the old one – just couldn’t compute.

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Wait and tree

Monday, January 14th, 2008

art and project remain remote

Remote Tree - digital art painting - Dan Beck 2008

Remote Treedigital art painting – Dan Beck 2008

I am working on a new project which I am not quite ready to reveal – but should be coming along rather quickly. Until I get the pieces in place, I am keeping a bit of a lid on it.

Like a lot of the art I do – I like that moment of unveiling – that moment when the image becomes printed – that tad bit of out of control and luck which can be better or worse, but is mostly better than one anticipates.

This is one of the first images from a new template which I am most excited about – size wise. This image was about a specific tree – a place – a feeling – more than an actual – but also about fitting the new project. I believe I have improved upon the template since and it will prove to be an invaluable size – opening up many new doors for a larger range in the size of art prints.

In any event, this digital painting was fun enough to warrant sharing – and so I am.

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Open and Shutter

Thursday, January 10th, 2008

digital digits

Photo from laptop webcam

On Halloween, I thought for a costume, I would shave and pull my hair back – was planning on putting on a suit too – not my normal look – if there is such a thing. In any event, it is getting to be time to put the beard back – not into the daily shaving routine and my partner likes the less scratchy beard.

So the above is a laptop snapshot – I used it for a model for the finger-painted digital art below

self portrait thumbnailThis digital painting – not the way I normally work, was painted using a photo model. Digital art like digital painting could mean a lot of different things. My work starts from a blank page but the field is wide open – it is new and wide reaching in possibilities.

I know many people who might have taken the photo and altered and painted on it in photoshop and quite likely come up with something quite cool. I am in favor of all creativity – but I simply used the image as a model to challenge my abilities to render an image using my fingers as a mouse to paint with – a new challenge for me – and I think a pretty good likeness. But of course I’ve seen myself.

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Happy New Year!

Tuesday, January 1st, 2008

Mock Hats Make Great Fun

First Night Sketch - digital sketch - laptop finger painting -12/31/2007 - Dan Beck First Night Monterey

First Night Sketch – digital sketch – laptop finger painting
12/31/2007 – First Night Monterey – Dan Beck

Last night,

Last Year,

– a small group from Salinas made a showing of some of our art and culture at First Night Monterey – the giant hats you see – were made from foam rubber by some Everett Alvarez High School Students.

From what I understand they dove right in to recreate the Claes Oldenburg sculpture found in Salinas – Hats in Three Stages of Landing. Its current state is loaded with under-rim graffiti – not pictured here – but the kids put the authentic finishing touches on.

The views and interactions with the foam hats were sketched on a laptop with finger painting in- precision – quick and childlike – like the interactions – the scene with young man’s torso covered, kids underneath, photo ops for everyone – dogs – Santa hat – flashing bunny ears – different hats and hair – and a later seen person on stilts added to the scene quickly with this almost cartoon-like feeling.

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