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Obvious Origins

Friday, June 29th, 2007

remaining original – referencing original

Mountain Sails Again - digital painting Dan Beck 2004

Mountain Sails Againdigital painting / original prints – Dan Beck 2004

Pulled this piece up today – again following the concept of even how all original art comes from somewhere else. Way prior to this piece, I did a very fluid mostly abstract painting which conjured up this lake, sea, mountain, and sail look – entitled Mountain Sails.

That original digital painting seemed quite unique to me and was the first painting I ever printed on a larger scale. Like life, we move on to new challenges and develop new ways of doing things – sometimes we long for the innocence of yesterday.

There is nothing original about trying to capture the feeling of a previous work – and yet it is original – the approach is different because it has the advantage of having seen what has come before.

Experience is built upon – the above piece though a bit stylized still works but doesn’t have that quality of having found a new place.

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Practical Considerations Aside

Thursday, June 28th, 2007

pushing the limits of matting and printing

Irrigation Man - digital painting / original prints - Dan Beck 2006

Irrigation Mandigital painting / original prints – Dan Beck 2006

In the spirit of original – I have printed a version of this which framed is going to be 4ft by 5ft. At that size, it looks even more like pointillism than this detail .

Crazy me – I found a frame that size and knew I needed something that would look even enough in such dimensions and exciting that big. Despite knowing that the largest oversized matboard I could get measures 40 x 60in – 8 inches too small – I suspended my knowledge and had the image printed anyway.

Well – truth is I was pretty annoyed with myself because the best patch job would still look like a patch job. The enormity of the original print overshadows the seemliness of the pieced together matting but the challenge has also overshadowed any blogging this week.

In any event, this giant print is not just an original art print, but probably a one of a kind – it is more than I want to wrestle with ever again – too big for my workspace and just barely fitting in my wagon.

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My Brand of Art

Saturday, June 23rd, 2007

the mark of origin – cultural as well

brand - d1b

If I were branding cattle, what would I want my brand to look like? Logos and brands are not exactly the same thing. But in the image at right, which I have taken to using as a brand on my artwork – is that kind of literal ‘burn on the cattle‘ kind of thing.

Since I only starting using it in the last month or two, it will not appear on all my art – though I can go add it for future printings of older digital paintings.

The brand has my initials – includes a musical note and/or 1 depending on how one reads – hints at ‘1danband‘ a musical name I use and also abstractly looks like a worker carrying a hoe – a common image of mine.

I have not yet decided on the name for my brand – not sure if it will be read as dB or d1B or if it even needs a name – but I like the identification in addition to my signature – it seems fun. It is also part of the double side of having work which is original art – but is also able to be produced in large multiples – and remarkably – art prints which will always be original prints.

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Integrating Past and Present

Wednesday, June 20th, 2007

community comes together

Wayward Bus 60's Album Art

Wayward Bus – 60’s Album Art – Steinbeck Themed

In conjunction with the annual Steinbeck Festival and the 40th anniversary of the summer of love, Artistas Unidos – Artist United – is sponsoring a community event of album covers in this style.

All ages, aptitudes are encouraged – there are 50 businesses which have agreed to display work. John Steinbeck’s hometown is in process of becoming something new …

a place of art and community with real people and real character.

Since I live here in Salinas, CA – I like to participate in such events and encourage others to do similarly.

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  • Current Call for Artists – Artistas Unidos – Artists United – grass roots non-profit communtiy arts organization in Salinas organizes a multitude of events for fun, culture, and revitalization of the community
  • American Experience | Summer of Love | PBS – having seen this special – I am assuming website will provide some valuable information for those in particular who did not live through and those who don’t remember
  • Original Art – can another period’s style and context still be considered original?

Chance Piece – Practiced Process

Tuesday, June 19th, 2007

continued exploration of original art

Jazz 3 - digital painting / art prints - Dan Beck 2005

Jazz 3digital painting / original art prints – Dan Beck 2005

When I am not sure what I might want to write about, I frequently go to the home page of Outhouse Studios and click on the Gallery Chance card – kind of reminiscent of playing monopoly.

If by chance it takes me to a gallery like the Abstract Art Gallery – I might have to click on Image Roulette – which transports me to an original image and digital painting for that day.

What is fun and probably not accidental about the above piece is that I was thinking about this process in the last day or two. I did a multitude of abstract drawings and paintings long before I ever started working with the computer. They were mostly about trying to convey a feeling – more about the energy and thought I put into the piece than thinking about colors or form.

The piece above – was done listening to some jazz from my collection – I can’t say what at this time – but something I was in the mood for – and simply having fun – being both inside the music and inside the art.

It was done in the style of a meditation – little internal dialogue – observing without judging and being the connection.

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When Seeing Is Not Believing

Monday, June 18th, 2007

and original blue clouding

Blue Clouds at Evening - digital painting - Dan Beck 2007

Blue Clouds at Eveningdigital painting – Dan Beck 2007

Sticking with my theme of original art – I opted to come back to this piece. I don’t know that it will ever reach my all time favorites. In fact, when I saw the blue clouds that evening – I was more struck by the unusualness than the beauty.

Had this been part of an abstract color experiment – or some bizarre reference to a “blue period” – it might actually be more accessible.

But I think because the unreal was actually real – it makes the whole work a bit fanciful – even for myself – who saw the blue clouds that night … and never since, and never before.

So the image will probably always be unique and the original prints – though likely multiples – will always be as intended … and always original art prints.

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Representation Can Be Original

Sunday, June 17th, 2007

Forgotten Sketch Shows Its Colors

Sunset Sketch - digital painting / original prints - Dan Beck 2005

Sunset Sketchdigital painting / original prints – Dan Beck 2005

I had totally forgotten this painting – don’t remember creating it – don’t remember the evening it was inspired by – it had kind of slipped through the cracks.

This was a digital painting that had made it into the last round of pieces to go on the website end of 2005 – but didn’t get included. I went looking through all my original prints and came across this one and was quite taken with the way it looked so much like a tissue collage.

Perhaps a little too evenly balanced to be a really wonderful piece – it still has some magnificent qualities – the sun and clouds in particular and the texture in the vegetation on the horizon and the more detailed yet not exactly lettuce in the front.

I guess I do remember something – because it was romaine I was portraying but I would never have known that by just looking – it was a representation like most art – enough to evoke a feeling and a time but hopefully be its own original place to get lost inside.

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  • Tissue Collage – a page filled with examples – no enlargements here but one can get enough of the idea of why this seems so reminiscent of the above work

Following an Original

Thursday, June 14th, 2007

Maintaining freshness in method and approach

More Warm Hills - digital painting / art prints - Dan Beck 2005

More Warm Hills – digital painting / art prints – Dan Beck 2005

The last digital painting – below – reminded me of this piece as well. Many artists can capture the illusion of 3 dimensionality in a 2 dimensional world. But I think I am like a little kid in this regard and am always pleased when a piece reads that way.

These are also foothills I suppose but not the same ones and I don’t believe the nearby mountains were that obvious. But the way the hills mound up together is a pretty cool land formation and as I have written elsewhere make one feel like you want to hug them.

The connection to yesterday is that the hills have a similar quality although achieved in a different way. Original art – my subject these days – is in many ways an oxymoron (since everything comes from somewhere else) but then again – creating a piece should ideally always feel new to the artist – and as an outcome to the viewer as well.

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Originals to Follow

Wednesday, June 13th, 2007

art builds upon itself

Foothills Anywhere - digital painting - Dan Beck 2007

Foothills Anywheredigital painting – Dan Beck 2007

When I started this painting I was thinking somewhat of the article I had written yesterday and the featured digital painting.

I was thinking about the character of the foothills – not just the Santa Lucia’s but the Rockies as well. I worked on a farm in the foothills of the Rockies in Colorado and the character and impression it made was quite similar.

I had fun with the colors and tried to work boldly and quickly – knowing that part of the results are contingent upon that.

But original like original art will always remain an illusive concept – because there so obviously isn’t any such thing. Even if one borrowed from no one other than oneself – art would still build upon itself.

In truth, we can’t even work in our own vacuum as we are our own audience as well.

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Following Hard to Follow

Tuesday, June 12th, 2007

original image – original prints

Santal Lucia Impression - digital painting / art prints - DB 2005

Santa Lucia Impressiondigital painting / art prints – 2005

As I continue to write about different aspects of original art, I keep trying to feature digital paintings which are either brand new or archetypal or both.

When I finished this piece, I wasn’t sure about it – but a couple of artist friends were. They knew I had captured something dramatic, bold, and special.

It is definitely original in that sense – my attempts to create something with a similar flow – Feeling of Rain and Tall Side Mountains were not nearly as dramatic.

I have done plenty of other bold pieces – ones in which I worked fast used deep colors – but the above piece does both so well – plus there was this element of chance in the way the fog came out – that I am not sure I could repeat even if I wanted.

To me – good original artwork – is not easily followed – even by the same artist.

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