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First of Three Originals

Wednesday, May 30th, 2007

originality and sameness

Three Way Figure 1 -original digital painting -Dan Beck 2007

Three Way Figure 1original digital painting -Dan Beck 2007

Once again I shall try to defy the common sense meanings of original art and continue to demonstrate that there is more to original than one might originally think.

The above piece is one of three digital paintings. Each started with a very similar background – but I chose to fill in the emptiness in three different ways – deciding that all three were good and I would treat each piece fairly differently from there.

The figure is also mostly the same in each digital painting – but differs slightly in how I chose to fix some problems with the original figure and how I chose to embellish.

Each of of these three pieces is original – digital – intentionally much the same – but each of the prints is an original print.

Therefore – even in its sameness – it is all original – but then again – I think it is!

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  • Digital Painting – additional info about the process and intention by artist Dan Beck and Outhouse Studios

Unveiling the Original

Monday, May 28th, 2007

original prints are the original art

Morning Fog Impression - digital painting for original prints - Dan Beck 2007

Morning Fog Impressiondigital painting for original art prints – Dan Beck 2007

I had the pleasure of seeing an artist’s linocuts over the weekend – both prints and the grooved linoleum itself. In his case – the plate is the reverse of the black and white he prints.

You can see where it is going, but it isn’t unveiled until it is printed. I have always liked that aspect of art – batik or masked sections of a painting getting removed, and all types of printing or firing (ceramics).

In a sense, there is an unveiling here as well. When I look at my finished digital painting – all the information is there – full detail and texture, but the monitor image is not the same as the printed image.

I am rarely disappointed – the printed image is like the unveiling.

The above piece hasn’t been printed and therefore isn’t even finished. And though it is the original art – (at least my version which was not saved for the web) it isn’t the original art until it becomes the original print.

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  • Linocuts by Sherrie York – not work I have ever seen before today – liked her simple explanation and her black and white pieces in particular
  • More Linocuts – prints with a very different feeling to above – a pretty fun and versatile medium really

On Original Terms

Friday, May 25th, 2007

original digital art – pigment prints

Colorized Vison - digital painting - Dan Beck Black and White Vision - digital painting - Dan Beck

Original Article Black & White Vision

Original Article Colorized Vision

I find I can’t help mocking the whole concept of original art. This is obviously the same digital painting – but one has color and one doesn’t. In this case, the color wasn’t removed but added – yet they are both original.

They are also both original creations by the artist – separate files and master images. Each print is also an original because that is how they were intended – to be printed. I wouldn’t dream of hanging a monitor and it doesn’t look as good as printed at the right size.

But here again is the rub – digital doesn’t necessarily have a right size and the prints don’t have a right term. Art prints sound too much like a reproduction – giclee does as well. Pigment print I saw recently at the de Young – and as much as I like that term – it doesn’t have the power of etching or lithograph.

New mediums use a different language to create and perhaps communicate, but also require a new language to be accepted.

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  • de Young Exhibition – Guise: Recent Prints by Deborah Oropallo – though there is explanation about how these wonderful fun images were created – just “pigment prints” were used to define the actual pieces in the show

Continuing the Original Painting

Thursday, May 24th, 2007

revealing real and refined

Sunset Over Artichokes 1 - digital painting - Dan Beck 2007

Sunset Over Artichokes 1original digital painting – Dan Beck 2007

How original can art be when it so clearly comes from another painting or rather is a continuation of another digital painting?

My focus on original art is many sided. First off – I want to differentiate myself from the pack. Is it unusual to want to be different? – of course not. Is it unusual to actually be? – definitely.

I don’t like associating myself with digital art or even digital painting – though it is my medium. If you have come here looking for what most people look for in digital art – you have come to the wrong place.

The focus of my work is portraying a direct impression – no photo – just glimpse and memory – direct yet processed by my understanding – no bones about it. Seeing is a part of the process – the art itself becomes a part of the process.

The above piece was more how it looked that evening – more developed and more because I had more to say. But did I improve upon it? I am not sure – perhaps when enlarged more – the work is more satisfying – but I am not sure.

Either way – the art prints are originals – either way – they are more painterly than digital – either way – they speak to a world both real and refined.

The beauty of a sunset to me is undeniable – my efforts are about conjuring not imitating.

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Taking On The View

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007

glimpse can present challenge, difference can be subtle

Gabilan Foothills - digital painting - Dan Beck 2007

Gabilan Foothillsoriginal digital painting – Dan Beck 2007

As I start writing today, I realize I was waiting to do a new digital painting before writing again in my blog. My current weblog is focused on original art and I wanted to feature something which was original in the sense of having not been seen.

Obviously, it is not completely different from my other work or art which has come before me – I don’t believe such a thing exists or should exist – continuity is also essential in order to see the newness and distinction.

Someone speaking in a completely foreign tongue would not be particularly interesting barring the shared body language we might have.

So I had particular fun with the weedy ground cover in the front and the greenish sky – and have never painted rudimentary cows before – no reason why – except it isn’t really my thing – but I saw them the other day – and a new challenge is often worth pursuing.

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  • Green Sky Landscape – I do like this landscape, but more importantly search brought me to a website worth a good perusal – some really nice work here by different artists raising awareness and money at – The Body: Visual Aids Web Gallery

Original Art and Mass Production

Saturday, May 19th, 2007

Bridging the gap between unique and ubiquitous?

Air Hoe 3 - digital painting - Dan Beck 2007

Air Hoe 3digital painting – Dan Beck 2007

There is a split in the art world and the world in general –

There are many famous pieces of art in the world – people know them by their reproductions, but a small percentage of people have actually seen the one of a kind original work.

Examples – Mona Lisa or The Starry Night.

When I first started painting on the computer, I saw the implications for mass art. A really good image could be mass produced but every piece be an original.

But going about this without losing the value of the piece is not something easily done. There is a specialness attributed to original art – that makes one want it.

Everyone is unique, some of us want to celebrate it – others prefer to be a part of the group. I think there is room for both. Perhaps art can bridge the gap.

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  • Vincent Van Gogh: The Starry Nights – the dialogue and discussion give further credence to the visibility of a work whose original – percentage wise is not that often seen.
  • Mona Lisa Mania – who would have thought there would be an entire website dedicated to the Mona Lisa – but there is – kind of fun too.
  • FieldPlay – a well received digital painting – and art prints with a similar attitude and style as the above piece

Original Art Prints

Friday, May 18th, 2007

originality, style, and first generation prints

Strawberry Alley - digital art print - Dan Beck 2007

Strawberry Alleydigital art print – Dan Beck 2007

It is kind of typical of me to be somewhat contrary. So to feature a simulated art print from a digital painting which I have already recently featured – makes total sense for a new category called “Original Art“.

I am really not that big on praising my own work. To say I like something I have done is one thing – but a claim of complete originality would be preposterous.

However, I believe my work to generally be my style – I also know I am not the only one who sees this. It is always intended to be mine and always intended to be original.

Because the work I am featuring at Outhouse Studios is created as a digital image – every print created is an original – probably not a one of a kind but the way it was intended and a first generation original print.

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Possibilities and Limits

Wednesday, May 16th, 2007

same figures differently

Air Hoe 1 - digital painting 4 original art prints - Dan Beck 2007

Air Hoe 1 – digital painting 4 original art prints – Dan Beck 2007

This was the first of three Air Hoe images which used the same figure. I changed my template to accommodate my new printing dimensions better. I have done some upgrades to my painting computer and have improved color in print outs where I didn’t think it was possible, but must print now with larger margins – so I am rethinking how I will offer these digital paintings as art prints.

I accidentally created this figure in the old sized template – so I copied and pasted into three different paintings that were on the new sized template. This is not the way I normally work – but that is part of the fun of it.

Digital opens up lots of new possibilities – some of course good – some less. Setting limits, and creating and changing the rules as I good is also part of the fun.

This particular piece, like the second was influenced by an exhibit at SFMOMA which I saw a few days prior to this painting.

Despite that, it is my twist.

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  • Figures Art Gallery – for lack of a better link to website – check some other images from 2005/6 which figure in
  • SFMOMA – always worth a look – wonderful museum – even the gift shop was surprisingly fun
  • Digital Possibilities – I liked this phrase and googled it – the most interesting and pertinent result I found in the time I allotted myself to look – not exactly the same thinking but worth a gander at the changing landscape

Modern Influence

Tuesday, May 15th, 2007

always affected by experience

Air Hoe 2- digital painting - Dan Beck 2007
Air Hoe 2digital painting – Dan Beck 2007

If you look at the posting from a few days ago – you will see that the air hoe figure is basically the same. This was the second of three Air Hoe pieces – all using the same figure and each coming from a different direction or place.

The weekend prior to doing these pieces, I had the opportunity to visit the SFMOMA – and saw a show of American artists and how they related with Picasso and also the de Young Museum. As with most things I take in – I do it best when not trying.

In any event, it was obvious from my first two pieces in this threesome of digital paintings that I was influenced by what I had seen. This is not my typical style of painting.

I think perhaps the power of the third piece is that I went more with what I have been working on. I like the above work a lot, but it is not a direction that I will probably be going into – it is more of an unconscious reaction.

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  • Figures Art Gallery – other works from Outhouse Studios which shed light on current piece
  • Charles Sheeler – google results – note images – there was work of his at SFMOMA and an exhibit at the de Young – he worked from black and white photos he had taken and added his own color.

Time to Paint

Monday, May 14th, 2007

rendering familiar beautiful scene

Strawberry Alley - digital painting - Dan Beck 2007

Strawberry Alleydigital painting – Dan Beck 2007

Down the road from me is a view – that has been catching my eye since I first saw it seven years ago. It changes through the seasons but always has these overlapping hills through a small window through the eucalyptus trees.

Whether it is plowed and furrowed or actually producing berries – I am drawn to it. For whatever reason – perhaps a matter of the right timing I have not chosen to paint it up until now.

Perhaps I wasn’t ready – a difficult view to give justice to – but I am happy with this rendition. I am finding that this image is translating the kind of pleasure I feel when I look at the actual scene.

I added a couple of extra hills here and the eucalyptus is kind of bamboo like – and so perhaps it is more of a “strawberry fields forever” than the alley that it is.

No matter – I find this to be a very pleasing digital painting and am looking forward to seeing a large art print for a more optimum effect.

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